A Few of My Favorite Things


  1. Coastal Double-Ply Dog Collar (typically available at Orschelns)
  2. Sloppy Chops McKinley Double Collar
  3. Mendota Durasoft Imitation Leather Collar
  4. Mendota Durasoft Imitation Center Ring Collar
  5. Blue-9 Secure Pro Dog Collar


  1. Coastal Double-Ply 6′ Dog Leash (typically available at Orschelns)
  2. Mendota 15′ Longline
  3. Mendota 6′ Snap Leash
  4. Lupine 6′ Dog Leash (available in basic colors and patterns)
  5. Lupine Leash Coupler

Harnesses and Collars with Space for Patches

  1. OneTigris Fire Watcher Harness
  2. OneTigris Fire Tanker K9 Harness
  3. OneTigris Gladiator Support Harness
  4. OneTigris 08 Dog Collar

Harnesses for Decompression Walks

  1. PetSafe 3 in 1 Dog Harness (typically available at PetSmart)
  2. Blue-9 Balance Harness

Cleaning Products


Grooming Supplies

Training & Puppy Proofing:

Food & Water Bowls


Featured image by Bjorn Agerbeek on Unsplash

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