My first word was “Doggy”, I guess that was a sign. Growing up I had dog books full of every different AKC recognized breed. Each night I’d pour over the glossy pages. From Beagles to Boxers, Afghan Hounds to Bull Mastiffs. Each so unique but somehow all still dogs. I never grew out of my love for dogs and it’s led me to the work I do now.

Many people believe that there are “dog whisperers”, people with an innate ability to communicate with animals. I used to think that too, but the truth is much more complicated. While some people do seem to have a natural gift for working with animals it’s important to remember there is a great deal of science behind the study of behavior. Good dog trainers don’t just have hands on hours, they’ve also committed to consistently furthering their education and studying what methods are most effective and safe.

In 2019 I brought home a Standard Poodle puppy to train as my service dog. I didn’t know it at the time but this started a journey to becoming a full time dog trainer. We found a wonderful training facility to do his basic manners classes and I ended up doing a 6 week internship with the owner. At the end of my internship I was hired at a local open admission shelter as their volunteer coordinator. I helped train volunteers to work with the animals and my husband and I both got heavily involved in working with behavior retest dogs.

I’ve been involved with various non-profit organization my whole adult life and I find that work very rewarding. I currently volunteer with Psychiatric Service Dog Partners (PSDP) taking phone calls and helping moderating their email group.

I am the only dog trainer in Topeka that is Fear Free certified, accredited through the IAABC and a member of the Pet Professional Guild. I’m committed to continuing my education through respected sources and staying on top of the latest animal behavior research.

I believe in using force free positive methods for all dogs because of the science and data that supports that training style. When you use positive training methods you are able to build a relationship and trust with a dog. You work with your dog instead of in conflict with him. My number one goal is to improve the lives of the dogs and humans I’m fortunate enough to work with and I believe that’s best done without the use of force or aversive tools.

I specialize in:

  • Helping owners who are struggling with behavior challenges like reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, or separation anxiety
  • Working on basic manners
  • Helping clients who are owner training a service dog
  • Setting puppies and new dogs up for success

My husband and I have two standard poodles, Theo and Dixie, and a cat named Scout. We enjoy going on adventures with our dogs and spending time outside.

~Katie Jesseph

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