Reactivity & Aggression

Reactivity and aggression in dogs can be very scary and overwhelming for owners. I believe it’s critical to approach these challenging behaviors with as much compassion as possible and find solutions that minimize harm and maximize safety and peace of mind for both dogs and owners.

Private lessons can be done in person or via zoom. We can cover any of the following topics:

  • Leash reactivity
  • Barrier reactivity
  • Reactivity or aggression towards people, animals, or objects
  • Resource guarding
  • BAT (Behavioral Adjustment Training) set ups
  • Management protocol
  • Assessing quality of life and safety

If your dog is reactive or aggressive towards humans I require a behavior consult that does not include the dog. This is for everyone’s safety and so we can set your dog up to be as successful as possible. In our behavior consult we’ll discuss triggers, bite history (I use Dr. Sohphia Yin’s Canine Bite Levels), and how we can go about crafting the safest training sessions possible.

While the state of Kansas does not have a dangerous dog law the municipality of Topeka does. Ordinance 6.15.170 covers what constitutes a dangerous dog and the responsibilities of owners. If your dog has been deemed dangerous by the city please review the ordinance. If you do not live in Topeka please reference your local ordinances. For a review of all state laws regarding dangerous dogs click here.

Important Notes:

All payments must be made prior to an appointment.

Clients must be able to send and receive text messages and emails as well as complete a new client form online.

Clients must be over 18 years of age.

Behavior consults do not guarantee I will agree to work with a dog and owner. I may require a consult first before the purchase of a package. If I do not feel an owner can physically control their dog I may decline to continue training session for my safety as well as the safety of the owner, the dog, and the general public.

In person private lessons are available for clients who live within 10 miles of Topeka city limits. Clients who live more than 10 miles outside the city limits may be charged a travel fee. Packages may not be available if you live more than 10 miles outside of Topeka city limits.

Featured image by Will Langenberg on Unsplash