My Training Philosophy

I believe every dog can be trained with positive force free methods. Your dog’s mental well-being will always be my number one priority. The bond that can be built between you and your pet is a truly beautiful and powerful thing. I feel a great sense of responsibility, to both the dogs and clients I work with, that I first do no harm, and then strive to make their relationship the best it can be.

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“Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. It’s better to practice something the right way for a shorter amount of time than to practice for longer while the dog is stressed or performing unwanted behaviors. The goal should always be to keep your dog under threshold, engaged with you, and happy to work. This builds good habits and positive associations that are invaluable to the success of a service dog in training.”

Trainer Danger: How to Find a Trainer Who Won’t Harm Your Pet

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Roger Caras