Pet Professional Guild Membership

Check out my Pet Professional Guild Membership listing by clicking here! I’m the only PPG member in Topeka.

The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) was founded by Niki Tudge in 2012. She believed that, “…the pet industry needed a source of information where pet owners and pet professionals who are committed to using force-free training and pet care methods could share ideas, exchange best practices, continue their education, collaborate on efforts and find resources that were truly force-free based. In addition, she felt that the pet-owning public needed an educational resource that would clarify the differences in training and pet care methodologies available and where a pet owner could be confident that the information, services and products offered were on the forefront of force-free training and pet care.”

The PPG clearly states that they do not condone or endorse the use of aversive training tools or methods. They expect their members to use positive, force-free methods with all dogs. Because of everything they stand for I am proud to be a member of this organization.

Featured image from the Pet Professional Guild created in Canva