What Clients are Saying

David, Konner & KC-
Katie has been super helpful in teaching us about our dog KC and reading the cues KC gives us. We have seen amazing improvements in KC’s reactivity since working with Katie. She has provided us with a ton of information and we leave every training session feeling confident in our ability to understand our dog’s behavior.

Laura & Lakota-
Katie Jesseph’s dog-training experience and knowledge is invaluable. During the pandemic “no-contact” period, Katie was able to talk me through detailed training methods over the phone to assist me with a variety of behavioral issues I was experiencing with several different foster dogs. After I adopted Lakota, my rambunctious German Shepherd-Husky mix, Katie visited to work one-on-one with Lakota and assess her prey-drive tendencies. Katie continues to make herself available for online advice, and has offered training tips and solutions I would not have thought of before. She has put all of the dogs I have worked with on the path to success!

Emily & Sadie-
Katie is very knowledgeable, communicates clearly, is very patient, and flexible with her scheduling. I learned a lot working with her and saw that my dog was beginning to improve in her problem areas almost immediately. I’m not sure who benefited more from our training sessions, myself or Sadie! I would definitely recommend Katie to anyone looking to enroll their dog in training sessions.

Tara & Jasmine-
Katie absolutely rocked our session. I finally got to see some of the dog I know my smart little pup can be. She gave me new skills as well as confidence to use them and just hours after our session Jasmine is doing WONDERFUL! Katie was easy to talk to, understanding, she explained everything clearly, and answered sooo many questions I had. Thank you! We will be ready to book again after we get a little practice under our belts!

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